Promising Strategies

Epilepsy affects people all over the world, however, for people facing that struggle in developing
nations can be overwhelming with little or no resources. That’s why the IBE set up Promising Strategies, a funding program which provides crucial funding to initiatives which directly improve the quality of life for such people.

The IBE Promising Strategies Program was set up in 2006 and is one of the most successful and innovative of all IBE’s initiatives. There have been 81 projects in 37 countries which have received a total of US$300,000 in support. More than fifty applications are received each round.

IBE Promising Strategies

What is a ‘Promising Strategy’

A Promising Strategy is one that has the potential to foster effective and innovative public health practice around epilepsy. Ideally, a Promising Strategy contains many of

• Establishes a strategy that makes a difference in improving accessibility to accurate, timely, necessary and culturally appropriate information and/or services
• Demonstrates a sustainable effect in the community where it is being implemented
• Is a strategy that can be used to generate policies and initiatives to address systems issues and common problems impacting people with epilepsy and their families
• Is innovative and represents the development of new solutions to common problems impacting people with epilepsy and their families
• Has the potential for replication of positive results if the program is implemented in a similar environment with a similar target population as its original pilot demonstration
• Based on measurable, realistic, and time specific objectives
• Needs-based and data-driven
• Is likely to be implemented in collaboration with other strategic partners
• Has the support of key leaders within the IBE member organisation and broad epilepsy community
• Has a mechanism to evaluate results and get feedback to continue to improve the program.

IBE would like to thank all those member organisations who have generously donated to the IBE Solidarity Fund; a portion of this fund is also being used to finance the program. If your organisation would like to donate to the Solidarity Fund or directly to the Promising Strategies Program please contact the IBE Office. All donations, however small, are gratefully received.

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