In this issue we include a report on employment training from Italy, an extensive report on the EUCARE session in Marseille and an article about an important initiative in Australia, the Parliamentary Friends for Epilepsy.

With the election of the International Executive Committee now completed, we can introduce you to the new incoming committee and we also provide information on the ongoing Regional Elections, including an updated list of IBE Members by region. I am also happy to include a report from the Latin American Regional Executive Committee.

We are delighted to receive, as one of our expert column contributors, an article presented by Prof Nico Moshé, giving us some clues about the importance of basic research in the field of epilepsy. We feel extremely honoured to having Prof Moshé contribute to the magazine, as he is the recently elected incoming President of ILAE for 2009-2013.

Issue 4 – 2008

We also include early details of planned IBE activities at the International Epilepsy Congress in Budapest in June. This will be a special congress with ILAE celebrating its centenary.

Finally, as usual, Susanne Lund has provided us with her nice President’s Letter.

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