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Global Report – Epilepsy: a public health imperative

Epilepsy is a brain disease characterized by abnormal electrical activity causing seizures or unusual behaviour, sensations and sometimes loss of awareness. It carries neurological, cognitive, psychological and social consequences and accounts for a significant proportion of the world’s burden of disease. Despite availability of effective and low-cost anti-seizure medicines, more than 75% of people with [...]

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Approval of the Epilepsy Resolution by the World Health Assembly: A Historical Landmark

[Pictured from Left to Right] Athanasios Covanis - President IBE, Shekhar Saxena -WHO, Shichuo Li (China), Brooke Short - WHO, Ann Little, Executive Director IBE (Ireland),  Mary Secco, IBE (Canada), Tarun Dua - WHO,  Emilio Perucca - President ILAE,  Alla Guekht, ILAE (Russia) Tuesday 26, 2015, will be remembered as a historical date for all of [...]

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