Advocate’s Toolkit for Making Epilepsy a Priority in Africa

WHO THIS TOOLKIT IS FOR AND HOW TO USE IT This toolkit is for organisations looking for guidance, ideas, or inspiration as they develop advocacy projects around epilepsy. Generally, the toolkit is aimed at civil society organisations working across Africa and has been heavily influenced by the needs and experiences of such organisations. The various modules and topics addressed in this toolkit can be used both as a step-by-step guide to lead you through a brand new advocacy planning process, or as a reference or set of stand-alone resources that can be used when encountering a problem or opportunity in the context of existing epilepsy advocacy work. It is meant to be versatile and useful to a variety of audiences. Download the Toolkit here   HOW THE TOOLKIT WAS DEVELOPED This toolkit was developed with input from key stakeholders, including persons with epilepsy and their families, IBE chapters across Africa and headquarters representatives, and input from others with a connection to epilepsy either personally or through an organisation. Through an initial needs assessment, stakeholders provided their perspectives on resources that were currently available to them, best practices they wanted to share, areas where they were seeking support, and opportunities for additional [...]