IBE Elections 2017-2021 – Balloting Underway for Regional Vice Presidents

Balloting is now underway to elect the 7 Regional Vice Presidents for the period 2017-2019. The IBE chapters are invited to ballot in the elections to fill the Vice President positions in Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, Latin America, North America, South East Asia and Western Pacific regions. The close of the ballot period is 8th [...]

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IE News: Issue 1 – 2017

Our special issue of IE News to celebrate the 3rd International Epilepsy Day is full of news on IBE activities to mark the day. In 2016 more than 40 countries around the world celebrated the event and we hope that, this year, that number will increase. We have been using Campi, the mascot for International [...]

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IBE Elections 2017-2021 Results

IBE is pleased to announce the results of the recent elections to fill the Officer positions (President, Secretary General and Treasurer) on the International Executive Committee for the period 2017-2021.   President-elect is Prof Martin Brodie (Scotland). Prof Brodie has previously been a member of the IBE International Executive Committee when he held the office [...]

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IE News: Issue 3 – 2016

Are you wondering why a chicken or, more precisely, a rooster has pride of place on the front cover.? Let me explain. We all know that the rooster is one of the best 'wake up calls' around and, as we race towards the New Year, this issue of the IBE magazine shows that there is [...]

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IBE Elections 2017-2021 – Balloting Gets Underway

Following close of the nomination period, IBE chapters are now invited to ballot in the elections to fill the three officer positions - President, Secretary General and Treasurer – on the International Executive Committee for the term 2017-2021. Ballot papers have already been circulated and the close of balloting is December 31, 2016. The results [...]

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Director JJ Abrams Calls on Public to Talk About Epilepsy

Star Wars and Star Trek Director,  J.J. Abrams, has called on people to talk about epilepsy in a new public service announcement for the campaign. Abrams told viewers that "Lives could literally depend on it", going on to list the statistic for the brain disease in the US. "Nearly 3 million Americans, 65 million people [...]

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Evaluation Opens on EU Scheme Which Has Funded Epilepsy Projects

The European Commission has begun a public stakeholder consultation which will feed into the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020, the EU's €77 billion research and innovation funding scheme running from 2014 to 2020. H2o2o has already funded several epilepsy-focused, and other neurological, research projects. More information on these projects can be found on The interim evaluation [...]

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