EPI-Focus Issue 11 – Latest News from the IBE European Regional Executive Committee (EREC)

IN THIS ISSUE: Putting epilepsy in the picture Meet the team! Letter from the President Political victory in Denmark News from Turkey Epilepsy care management in Austria Epilepsy Ireland recognises special volunteers Save the Date! - International Epilepsy Day 2018 IBE European Region Facebook Page Click here to read the newsletter

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International Epilepsy News – Issue 4, 2017

CONTENTS SUPPORT DOGS - Help with a survey on epilepsy support dogs ONE MINUTE EXPLANATION - Norwegian series of epilepsy vidoes with fast lessions WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? - EMA Public Hearing on sodium valproate use in women EPIPICTO PROJECT - EU funded guide without words YOUTH ADULT SUMMIT - EpilepsyNext programme in Costa Rica WORLD [...]

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Advocating for Better Epilepsy Management in Schools

An interactive toolkit and policy paper, focusing on improving the management of prolonged convulsive seizures for children in schools, were published in October 2017 by a multidisciplinary expert group consisting of clinical, patient and educational experts. The IBE was part of this expert group. Unlike most other seizures, prolonged convulsive seizures do not stop on [...]

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Contents of this Newsletter Introducing the Alliance for Right – Africa Disability Inclusion (ARADI). Swaziland Epilepsy Organization hosts epilepsy run/walk. Minutes of a meeting of African delegates at the IEC in Barcelona. Photos; Burkina Faso, Kenya, Mauritius & OAE2017. Resources and weblinks. Poster-different names of epilepsy. IBE Photo competition   Read the Newsletter   [...]

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Annual Report 2016

  2016 was a busy and productive period for IBE as we consolidated ongoing activities and developed new initiatives in our efforts to improve the quality of life of all those affected by epilepsy. As an international organisation for national epilepsy associations, IBE exists to provide support for a strong global network of [...]

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IE News: Issue 2 – 2017

In late January, at a meeting of the Joint Executive Committees of IBE and ILAE, all the nominations received for the Ambassador for Epilepsy, Social Accomplishment and Lifetime Achievement were carefully considered and discussed. In this issue of IE News, you can find out the names of those chosen to be awarded at the opening [...]

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IBE Election Results – Regional Vice Presidents 2017 – 2019

Introducing the seven recently elected IBE Vice Presidents, who will represent their regions on the International Executive Committee for the term 2017-2019. Their terms of office will begin at the time of the IBE General Assembly, which takes place at the 32nd International Epilepsy Congress in Barcelona in September. VICE [...]

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