African Regional Committee

The African Regional Committee is the second largest IBE region, which has grown steadily since 2000. IBE now has chapters in 22 countries in the region but, with a total of 58 countries in Africa, there remain enormous gaps to be filled. The African continent has a population of over 1.2 billion, as compared to 750 million in Europe, giving an estimated minimum epilepsy prevalence of 12 million. The true figure is likely to be significantly higher.

Every IBE chapter in Africa is a Member of the Regional Committee Africa with its elected Regional Executive Committee overseeing activities in the region, in line with its Terms of Reference, which you can find here.

Mission of the IBE Africa Regional Committee

To work together with interested parties in order to improve the quality of life of people with epilepsy in Africa.

IBE Regional Commitee -Africa

Regional Committee Goals

  • To establish communication network between countries in order to exchange information related to epilepsy service provision.
  • To support existing initiatives in the epilepsy field which can be applied to other countries or regions through a process of skills transfer.
  • To promote the sustainability and accessibility of services for people with epilepsy.
  • To promote the human rights and dignity of people with epilepsy.
  • To support and encourage research into epilepsy in Africa.
  • To promote greater participation of Africans in global epilepsy affairs.

Flagship Programmes

  • A Star for Africa – Support through the epilepsy movement for African participation in global affairs.
  • BAND project to provide IBE chapters in Africa with the tools to develop and execute country-specific national action plans to address the WHO Resolution on Epilepsy WHA68.20: Global burden of epilepsy and the need for coordinated action at the country level to address its health, social and public knowledge implications.
  • IBE chapter membership recruitment – Promoting and assisting with the formation of Chapters in the Africa Region.

Epilepsy Africa News

The regional committee produces regular newsletters to keep chapters in Africa informed about IBE activities and initiatives and the work of other chapters in the region. Read the latest issues below:

Elected Regional Executive Committee 2017 – 2021

Action Amos


Action Amos


IBE - International Epilepsy Support


Youssouf Noormamode

IBE - International Epilepsy Support


Betty Nsachilwa,

IBE - International Epilepsy Support


Durodami Lisk, Sierra Leone

IBE - International Epilepsy Support


Kenneth Nsom, Cameroon

IBE - International Epilepsy Support


Grace N Moyo, Zimbabwe

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