Who We Are

The International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) improves the social condition and quality of life of people with epilepsy and those who care for them. We have a vision of the world where everywhere ignorance and fear about epilepsy are replaced by understanding and care.

The IBE is made up of laypersons and professionals interested in the medical and non-medical aspects of epilepsy. We address social problems such as education, employment, insurance, driving licence restrictions and public awareness.

We do this through funding social improvement programmes for people with epilepsy and their families, creating means for worldwide exchange of information and, where possible, setting standards which provide an international policy focus and identity for all persons with epilepsy.

Much of this work is accomplished through the IBE working commissions, composed of volunteers who are experts in their subjects.

The IBE was established in 1961 and has grown to almost 140 chapter