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Eastern Mediterranean Committee

The structure of the Regional Executive Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean Region consists of the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary, all of whom will have been elected by the Full Members in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. In addition, the Vice President Eastern Mediterranean on the International Executive Committee is an ex-officio voting member of the Regional Executive Committee and will act as a liaison point between the International and Regional Committees. IBE President, Secretary General and Treasurer are also ex-officio non-voting members of this committee.

The purpose of the Regional Executive Committee is to facilitate joint activities in the region and to arrange regular meetings of the Regional Committee.

IBE Regional Commitee - Western Mediterranean

Elected Regional Executive Committee 2013 – 2017

IBE - International Epilepsy Support


Chahnez Triki
Email: chahnez@gnet.tn

IBE - International Epilepsy Support


Abderrahmane Chahidi
Email: chahidi12@yahoo.fr

IBE - International Epilepsy Support


Nahida El Assi
Email: nahida.assi@gmail.com

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