It has been a great and delightful summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, but it is now ending and, of course, the holiday season is also coming to a close.

First of all I would like to welcome you to this new design of IE News. We have made a few changes that I hope you will like. In this first issue of the new look magazine, I would like to announce that we have some excellent material for our readers, including a special report on the first European Epilepsy Day, which was celebrated on the 14th February in the European Parliament.

There are also reports on the congress in Melbourne last October, including the Outstanding Persons with Epilepsy awards.

I would also like to congratulate Mrs Lynn
Savill and Dr Simon Shorvon who have been honoured for their special dedication
in the field of epilepsy. Still on the subject of awards, we highlight the winners of the Excellence in Journalism Awards, which have just been announced.

Issue 4 – 2010

Harry Meinard is going to interest us with some further fascinating details about
IBE’s history. It is very important to read reports about activities at national level around the world and in this issue we have news from Brazil, Colombia and Italy. I would like to invite you to submit news from your association that we can include
in the next issue.

In this number we also publish the results of the Excellence in Journalism Awards. These are very appropriate awards, which encourage journalists to use correct terminology when writing or reporting on epilepsy.

You will find that the tables have been turned on me in this issue, as I am interviewed
on the great strategic plan, which has been developed in Latin America in the framework of the Global Campaign against Epilepsy.

Finally, we encourage all readers to join IBE’s Photography Competition; we give
a small reminder to arrange this year’s dues payment and, in doing so, ask you to remember those less advantaged by making a contribution to the Solidarity Fund.

Best wishes,
Dr Carlos Acevedo
IE News Editor

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