Dear Friends

IBE - International Epilepsy SupportPreparing this message, I was looking through previous issues of EPI-Focus and the short introductions of us, newly elected EREC members in issue number 11. Some- thing caught the eye. It was Maggan’s introduction which she started with: “My name is Margaretha Andersson but everyone calls me Maggan!” and her picture, reflecting her joy, strength and charm shines from the journal page. And I remember the video conference calls of our group, where Maggan appeared sometimes with a glass of wine, bringing so much positive energy, new ideas and courage for changing things and starting new projects.

So, I find it very difficult to start my first message from the chair with the words: “Rest in peace, Maggan.”

In this issue you will find stories from all over the Europe: from Norway, Spain, Germany, Austria, Malta, Ireland,

Slovenia and Georgia. The stories are as different as the countries, but all are beautiful and focused on different needs of the epilepsy community.

EPI-Focus lets us share our experiences and tell our sto- ries to each other and this is great! I hope you will enjoy this issue and perhaps send us your news and stories for the next issue!

Kind regards,

Natela Okujava


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