Chairperson & Editor’s message

IBE - International Epilepsy SupportThis is the 17th issue of Epilepsy Africa newsletter, now published once every two months.
In this report you will find information about the advocacy project funded by the BAND Foundation. The exciting news is that we have contracted Ms Justine Engole to coordinate the project. The project is based in Nairobi, hosted by KAWE, the epilepsy association there. The office will work mainly with five associations that are piloting the advocacy program but in future we want it to work with all associations in the region. So, I wish to take this opportunity to introduce Ms Justine Engole. Ms Engole was employed by the epilepsy association in Uganda, ESAU before we appointed her through competitive interviews.
You will hear more about the advocacy project, including a workshop held recently in Nairobi in future issues.
Elections for Vice-President/Chairperson are currently ongoing and more information will be provided in the next issue. As some of you already know, I have not made myself available for re-election. It is my hope that the region will elect someone who share a vision of building capacity of our region.
In this issue, you will also read about the important work happening in Eswatini. The outcome of Golden Light nominations is out, and you will read about the applications from Africa.
Lastly, I want to encourage you to contribute to this newsletter by sending an email to [email protected]
Enjoy your reading.



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