Epilepsy in Bangladesh

//Epilepsy in Bangladesh

It is estimated that there are at least 1.5 to 2.0 million epilepsy patients in Bangladesh. Epidemiological study was conducted at Epilepsy Clinic, Neurology foundation Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and a total of 2200 patients were included.

Causes for treatment failure include improper compliance, Incorrect diagnosis, Inappropriate drug, dose & duration, and lastly Refractory epilepsy.

Causes for non compliance N 428 (20%) include Non-affordability of drugs , Unavailability of drugs , inadequate Knowledge and attitude, Lack of counseling, Adverse effects of drug, Social factors.

Epilepsy is a common health problem in Bangladesh. 30-40% of patients are still treated by traditional healer. Superstitious belief is a stigmata in the community. The most common cause of non compliance is cost of drug. 50-60% patients remain symptoms free with 4 common drugs.

Community awareness is needed to reduce the burden of the disease. Training of GP & internist is necessary for appropriate approach. National guideline for treatment of epilepsy is needed. Community based clinic needed to treat the epileptic patient in rural areas.

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