State of the Art and Opportunities for the Future

The event will gather together all EU-funded and currently ongoing research projects specifically focused on epilepsy. Several laboratories and research institutions in Europe are supported from the EU for research on the mechanisms of epileptogenesis and on the development of new therapies.

Currently, six projects are receiving funds from the EU and they account for a total EU investment of about 70 million euros. Coordinators and partners of each project will be invited to present their results and future aims and so will provide a vision of EU epilepsy research highlighting the areas of promising developments.

On the occasion, major international funding agencies both public and private will be invited to present their portfolios of research-funding initiatives.

Amongst the esteemed speakers, will be IBE Secretary General, Sari Tervonen, who will present the topic – “Promoting Epilepsy Care and Research”

The aim of the event is to build a framework for epilepsy research in Europe and to identify opportunities for the future.

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