IBE is pleased to learn that the EU Citizens Initiative – Stop Vivisection, which was submitted to the European Commission (EC) in early March, with an aim to repeal the existing European Directive (2010/63/EU) on the protection of animals used for scientific purpose, and presenting “a new proposal that does away with animal experimentation”, has not been successful.

In recent weeks, IBE and the International League Against Epilepsy had been actively involved in bringing to the notice of policy makers in Brussels the implications that would arise should animal vivisection for medical research be halted.

Last week, on Wednesday 27th May, the Commission announced its response to the Stop Vivisection initiative in which it states that the Commissions ‘does not intend to submit a proposal to repeal Directive 2010/63/EU and is not intending to propose the adoption of a new legislative framework’.

The response also states that the EC recognises the need for further advancement of scientific before alternatives can be developed for all areas where testing still occurs and adds that: “The EU Commission will continue to promote the development and implementation of alternative approaches, encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing across sectors, validate new methods and facilitate their regulatory approval.”

Henceforth, the Commission proposes 4 follow-up actions:

  1. a scientific debate on research paradigms development,
  2. validation and implementation of alternative methods
  3. knowledge sharing and
  4.  identifying and addressing regulatory barriers for the uptake of scientific progress that benefits 3Rs and animal welfare.

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