The general objective of the pan-European research project, ESBACE (European Study on the Burden and Care of Epilepsy), is to facilitate the development of high-quality epilepsy care at all stages of the disease, equitable across EU countries. ESBACE will provide data on the burden of epilepsy and on current provision and organization of care in selected EU member states.

ESBACE has established a consortium of 10 centres as associate partners, with a further 9 collaborating centres to drive this project.

ESBACE Objectives

The specific objectives of ESBACE are as follows:

  1. Provide data on the prevalence of epilepsy in European countries
  2. Provide information on the cost of epilepsy in European countries
  3. Provide information on the stigma and quality of life of people with epilepsy
  4. Provide information on the coordination of services for patients with seizures, through an audit that ascertains patients attending emergency services
  5. Provide an update on provision and organization of epilepsy care in Europe
  6. Disseminate to health care providers and decision makers information on the burden of epilepsy in Europe, and of deficiencies as well as examples of good quality care