In late January, at a meeting of the Joint Executive Committees of IBE and ILAE, all the nominations received for the Ambassador for Epilepsy, Social Accomplishment and Lifetime Achievement were carefully considered and discussed. In this issue of IE News, you can find out the names of those chosen to be awarded at the opening ceremony of the 32nd International Epilepsy Congress in Barcelona in September. Following the close of the Vice President elections, you can also meet the seven regional Vice Presidents who will serve on the IBE International Executive Committee for the term 2017-2019. You are also encouraged to play an active role in the Regional Executive Committee elections that are now underway

After three very successful International Epilepsy Days, a survey of chapters was carried out to see how well we are doing and to find out how our chapters have been celebrating the day.

A major piece of work of the International League Against Epilepsy has been in introducing new classifications on epilepsy. There is a short report in this issue but a more detailed report will be published in the next magazine.

You can also ready about the recent Eastern Mediterranean Epilepsy Congress in Luxor, an important project, supported by the IBE Promising Strategies Program, to eradicate neurocysticercosis in a rural town in Colombia; a survey on cannabidiol that took place in Australia, and other news from around the world.

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Download: IE NEWS, Issue 2, 2017


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