Building confidence, recognising ability and supporting capacity in young people, both at national and international level, is an important element of the work of IBE. This is highlighted as one of our aspirations in the Strategic Plan 2019-2023. Our goal is to improve unity, sustainability and communication, not only among IBE members, but also with IBE’s 138 chapters in 104 countries around the world.

The development of EpilepsyNext, a wide-ranging youth platform, represents a major element of our work programme over the coming years. EpilepsyNext is an exciting development that sets out to help young people grow in independence and develop the skills and qualities necessary to have a happy and productive life and, for some, to learn how to be effective leaders. It also challenges them to use these attributes for the betterment of themselves and the global epilepsy family.

The project consists of a number of modules. Each module can be used by the young adult as a stand-alone element. In addition, some young adults may decide to explore a number of modules as they grow in confidence and ability.

Aims and outcomes:

The Epilepsy Next platform aims to:

  • Enable young people to grow in confidence and to recognise their unique talents and abilities
  • Support capacity in young adults to make a difference in society through the development of communication and leadership skills