IE NewsYou are probably wondering what the cover image signifies?
I once had a screen saver that showed daylight hours slowly cross a map of the world. As the day progressed, I could see when it was bedtime in Asia while in America it was time to start the day. That image of daylight returning in Asia while the Americas are still facing hours of darkness, now transfers itself, in my mind, to the westward course that Covid-19 is traveling. The east is slowly returning to a new day, while further west darkness still holds the grip with continued high numbers of deaths. In addition, the latest news from China raises the fear that the screen saver is starting again on a never-ending circuit. Let us hope that this does not turn out to be the case.

As the world continues to rotate, IBE chapters are still working despite the challenges now faced by most of us. So, this issue of IE News includes reports from chapters on initiatives that have been undertaken in response to Covid-19 or which have had to be adjusted to deal with lockdown restrictions. We also have a special report on the psychological perspectives of Covid-19 with excellent suggestions to address issues that might arise.

From Africa comes the final report on Phase 1 of the Utetezi (advocacy) Project while, in Europe, Emma Nott tells us about her work with HOPE and her involvment in ePAG.

There are reports on National Epilepsy Day in Spain and International Epilepsy Day in India and Martin Brodie marks Richard Holmes’ retirement as IDM.

Happy reading!

Ann Little


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