In the two years that have passed since the General Assembly that was held in Budapest in 2009, the objectives of IE News have essentially remained the same. In other words, it is an important medium of news and information for all IBE members, the public, and people with epilepsy and their families.

The newsletters provides the opportunity to relate the main activities of the International Executive Committee, presided over by Mike Glynn; to highlight the most important regional activities through its Sub-editors; to provide information about international and regional congresses; to present details on the activities of IBE’s working groups and Task Forces; as well allowing a platform to promote initiatives of high impact such as IBE’s star project, the Promising Strategies Program, in which many IBE members have been favored with financial support to develop initiatives.

Issue 1 – 2011

We have had interviews with important figures in the world of epilepsy, including
some IBE members. Of particular interest is the story in parallel of IBE’s history, written by Harry Meinardi, and the ILAE history by Ted Reynolds. We have tried to make the magazine contents entertaining, useful, original and well-designed – with a new layout introduced in the last issue.

We have asked for your suggestions for improvement and we appreciate the observations and regular collaborations that you have sent us, so that we can be proud of our newsletter. Now as we approach the next General Assembly, taking place in Rome in the midst of IBE’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, please accept a special and warm greeting on my behalf and on behalf of all those behind the publication of each issue of IE News, in particular to Ann Little.

Sincerely yours,
Dr Carlos Acevedo.
IE News Editor.

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