IE News 50 Years In Print!

When the late George Burden sat down to compose the first issue of the Bureau Newsletter, in the early days of January 1963, he did so on what was then “state of the art” equipment – a Remington manual typewriter. Corrections were made using a blue pen.

Since that initial publication, IE News has continued to move with the times and IE News is now published both in print and online.

IE News: Issue 1 – 2013

In this issue of IE News, you can review the newly elected members of the seven regional committees.  Along with Part 5 of the History of the ILAE, highlights from the third European Epilepsy Day, reports on events from China, Russia, the Netherlands,  and Ellie the Epiphant (and a trunkful of events in Hong Kong!), there is a fascinating article about International Epilepsy News spanning the years 1963 – 2013 including a reproduction of the very first formal Newsletter of IE News.

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