The second issue of IE News 2011 includes interesting issues for our readers. We are still excited by the recent celebration of the IBE Jubilee in Rome, and you will find some news on this in the magazine. We also have to suggest you to read an interesting research report on how stigma, that surrounds epilepsy, can have a negative impact simply by use of the word “epileptic” to describe a person with epilepsy and to join us in the campaign “Stop saying epileptic”.

During the month of September the IBE achieved two historical successes in the field of epilepsy, the first concerning the “European Written Declaration on Epilepsy”, which was approved on the 15th September in the European Parliament carrying the signatures of 459 Members of Parliament (MEPs), and after much concentrated hard work by IBE and ILAE member associations throughout Europe.

Issue 2 – 2011

In parallel and independently, on the 29th September the “Strategic Plan for Epilepsy” was approved and signed during the PAHO Annual Assembly of the Ministries of Health in Washington DC. Both of these initiatives represent milestones in Europe and in the Americas, which will be a challenge for IBE and the Global Campaign Against Epilepsy (GCAE) for the coming years.

You may be interested also to read about the Swiss Epilepsy Centre’s 125th Anniversary celebrations in Zurich and of IBE President, Mike Glynn’s visits to India, Zambia and China. Of course, there are also many other interesting issues that I hope you will enjoy reading about in this latest issue.

Finally, can I remind you that we are always very happy to receive articles to include in future issues of IE News! With the IE News Jubilee Award, there is no better, or rewarding time, to submit a report to the magazine. Don’t lose out on taking part of this great journalism award.

Kind regards,
Dr Carlos Acevedo

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