Dear friends,

This issue of IE-News is going to have a special flavour as we look back at the very successful congress in Budapest. This was a time of great activity as IBE reached the end of a term of office during the General Assembly on 1st July. We also had the opportunity during the Opening Ceremony to make a special presentation to the International League Against Epilepsy to mark the 100th birthday celebrations of ILAE. This issue is full of photos to remind us of the congress.

Dr Tomás Mesa is an expert in epilepsy and disability and we have a special report that he has prepared about this difficult issue. We also include a report on an important Latin American Regional Workshop that took place in Santiago de Chile and which involved the PAHO regional offices. The workshop addressed the topic of organic brain disability, of which epilepsy as one of the three most relevant causes, with emphasis on rehabilitation and job placements.

Issue 3 – 2009

From Europe comes significant news on a new Directive on Driving of the European Union, which will see common regulations come into place for all IBE Member States. Although the Directive relates to Europe, it will be a useful tool for other countries in other regions in trying to establish fair driving regulations for people with epilepsy.

In China the Seahorse Clubs for people with epilepsy have been exhibiting the work of some of its very talented members. Their craftwork was on view in Budapest and shows us the incredible skills of these young people.

Finally you can read an interesting article about the high dental costs faced by people with epilepsy in Denmark to repair the damage caused by their epilepsy—either through falls or as a side effect of medication.

A very busy and interesting magazine for you to enjoy!

Best wishes for everybody.
Dr Carlos Acevedo Sch.
IE News Editor

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