Dear friends,

There are several items that I would like to emphasize in this issue of IE News.

In late November, there was an important meeting in Rome of the IBE International Executive Committee, dedicated to the task of considering and elaborating on IBE’s Long Term Strategy for the next 4 years. Included in discussion were the new Task Forces that are to be created by the President to address issues of importance.

For 2010 eleven Promising Strategy projects were pre-selected for further consideration. This is the fourth round of this very worthwhile program and each year several new and creative proposals are submitted by member associations.

We are including a report on results of the first Journalism Awards, a very successful joint initiative between IBE and UCB Pharma.

Issue 4 – 2009

I know that all IBE members and supporters will be interested to read Philip Lee’s very original recounting of the birth of the candle as the IBE symbol.

We are busy getting ready for 2010, when we will have our regional congresses and we include a short update on the programme for Porto. We hope to report on preparations for the regional congresses in the next issue. But you should take note of the venue and date details of all four meetings, which are on the back cover of the magazine.

Besides all this, there are reports from the Philippines, Georgia and Paraguay as well as news from The Global Campaign Against Epilepsy and EPICURE. Our President Mike Glynn has also prepared a review of a book that is very accessible to anyone with an interest in epilepsy. I think that you will find lots of interesting items to read in this issue.

Best wishes for everybody,
Dr Carlos Acevedo Sch.
IE News Editor

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