IBE Solidarity Fund

The IBE Solidarity Fund allows IBE to support members in developing countries to play an active role in the activities of IBE, where lack of available funds would otherwise prevent this.

When IBE’s new constitution was put in place on 1st January 2005, many associations found that their annual dues payments were substantially reduced with the introduction of the standard annual payment of US$150.

IBE - International Epilepsy Support

At that time, some members indicated an interest in making an extra contribution, on top of their dues payment, by way of a donation to the Bureau. This coincided with plans of IBE to introduce a fund that could be used to support members with very limited means. As a result the IBE Solidarity Fund was created and since then IBE has been encouraged by the continuing generosity of some of its members and other supporters.

Make A Donation – Solidarity Fund

In putting in place the Solidarity Fund, it was envisaged that one of the purposes of the fund would be to provide financial support to those IBE members that could demonstrate financial hardship and would be used to subsidize their involvement in IBE activities.

IBE is aware that members from low income countries find it extremely difficult to meet their annual dues payments. On this basis, one of the first purposes to which the fund was put was to underwrite the annual dues 2006 for 18 IBE Full Members in countries deemed by the World Bank classification to be ‘low income’. (The World Bank classification for a low income country is one where the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) is less than US$3,000 per annum).

Another exciting initiative which is part-funded through the Solidarity Fund, is the Promising Strategies Programme (PSP). Through this programme, IBE has provided some funding on a competitive basis for projects aimed at improving the quality of life for people living in developing countries. To find out more about the funded projects,please visit the Promising Strategies section on this website.

Promising Strategies Programme

Promising Strategies Programme – various projects undertaken
Left to Right Ethiopia: Awareness Raising Project, Gambia: Tailoring Training, Tanzania: Training Young People in Vegetable Growing, Kenya: Training in Epilepsy Management, Namibia: Onyose Project, Argentina: National Guidelines for Driving for People with Epilepsy

Through the continued generosity of our members and from donations from non-members also, IBE hopes to continue to support members with very limited means. What we can do is limited only by the financial resources available to us.