The concept of the IBE Solidarity Fund was introduced in recent years by Philip Lee, Immediate Past President, who saw it as a means of supporting IBE Members in developing countries, to enable them play an active role in IBE’s activities, where lack of available funds would otherwise have prevented this. The fund is now also used to support the annual dues payments of members in countries deemed to be Low Income according to World Bank figures. Since 2007 the fund was also used to support the Promising Strategy Projects.

All donations to the fund are gratefully accepted, no matter how small, and are acknowledged in the IE News.

IBE would like to thank the following, who donated to the fund.

Solidarity Fund Donations in 2012:

  • China Assocation Against Epilepsy, China
  • Indian Epilepsy Association, India
  • Caritas – Malta Epilepsy Association. Malta
  • Epilepsy Association of South Australia and the Northern Territory Inc, Australia
  • Epilepsy Hospital Bethel, Japan
  • Epilepsy Queensland Inc., Australia
  • Japanese Epilepsy Association, Japan
  • Epilepsy & Env