IBE - International Epilepsy Support

The Young Epilepsy Advocates Hub (YEAH) is a friendly space for young people who are undergoing diagnosis or living with epilepsy. YEAH provides access to an online community of friends from all over the world who are dealing with similar issues and challenges. Members can talk among a community of people without having to first explain themselves or their condition.

YEAH is an initiative of the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE), and has grown out of a previous project by the Scottish Epilepsy Initiative (SEI) named The TEA Room. The TEA Room, founded in 2010, was a website forum for 13-19 year olds living with epilepsy around the world.

Due to changing technologies and the rapid growth of social media platforms it was felt that YEAH would be most accessible and best support the needs of its audience by becoming a Facebook Community Group.

The aim of the project is not only to provide a space for young people to communicate but to provide a platform that encourages their growth as advocates for epilepsy. Members will be encouraged to raise awareness by sharing their stories and engaging with patient groups at local, national and even international level.

Join the conversation at www.facebook.com/groups/YEAHepilepsy