“There are few aspects of having epilepsy in adult life that cause greater distress than the necessary legal restrictions on driving”.

Hopkins, A. Appleton, R 1996
“Epilepsy The Facts”

Across Europe, persons with epilepsy can experience widely different regulations regarding driving. Many countries operate a blanket ban on people with epilepsy preventing them from driving, while other countries have regulations that may differ significantly from neighbouring countries. Therefore the need for Europe-wide regulations is very evident.

Driving Regulations Across Europe

At present the following European countries, ranked according to their GDP, have driving regulations for epilepsy:

1 Luxembourg 69,800
2 Norway 42,364
4 Ireland 40,610
5 Iceland 35,115 (not a member for the EU)
6 Denmark 34,740
9 Austria 33,432
10 Switzerland 32,571 (not a member of the EU)
12 Belgium 31,244
13 Finland 31,208
15 Netherlands 30,862</