Driving regulations for people with epilepsy vary enormously from country to country (and even within some countries) and within regions of the world. There are also many countries that have no regulations or have blanket bans on driving for persons with epilepsy.

It can often be very difficult to access information on what regulations apply in a country and as a result many people with epilepsy are unfairly precluded from, or restricted in, driving. It also means that many people with epilepsy drive when they should not, as a consequence of unfair or unclear rules.

The purpose of the Driving and Epilepsy Group is to improve driving conditions for all people with epilepsy.

Members of the Epilepsy and Driving Task Force are:

  • Eric Schmedding, Belgium (Chair)
  • Marshal Mo-Song Hsi, Taiwan
  • Mike Glynn, Ireland
  • Silvia Kochen, Argentina
  • Andrew Pan, Singapore