The programme for the Epilepsy & Society Symposium on Sunday, May 15 promises to be both educational and engaging with innovative topics being discussed.

Renaming epilepsy has been a major event and talks will focus on the impact and experiences that this has caused. Nonetheless, the fight against stigma continues and different personal stories shall be shared before focusing on how public awareness of epilepsy has been enhanced both locally in Hong Kong and also in nearby Taiwan.

With technology in epilepsy continuously advancing, a recently developed mobile app for patients with epilepsy will be examined and a discussion on how this and other tools from around the region can enhance the quality of life of those with epilepsy particularly our children.

A more lighthearted approach will be taken as one sits back to enjoy a special puppet performance on epilepsy put together by Kids on the Block. As always, the emphasis for the Epilepsy & Society Symposium is about meeting old friends and new, sharing tales and learning something that will enrich the lives of those with epilepsy.

Registration Fees
Early (On/Before April 29, 2016)US$ 50
Final (from April 30, 2016)US$ 65