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Winners of the 2019 IBE Golden Light Awards are announced

  The IBE International Golden Light Awards recognise the contributions of people affected by epilepsy in their community and those who care for them. Candidates were nominated by the IBE chapter in which they are involved (as a member, volunteer, board or staff member) and were required to submit a written article, between 500 and [...]

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Sofia Betanzo, Chile – IBE Golden Light Award Winner 2019

Hello, my full name is Michela Sofía Betanzo Quiero but everybody calls me Miki. I was born in Concepción, Chile, but I’m currently living in Santiago. I had my first seizure two hours after I was born, nobody knows exactly why but the fact is that all the tests showed a scar in my brain [...]

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Scarlett Paige, Australia – IBE Golden Light Award Winner 2019

My Epilepsy Journey Scarlett Paige My epilepsy journey started in January 2006. I was 18 and had the next 2 years of my life planned out I was about to embark on my life long dream to be an au pair in the United States of America. I was on the way to gaining my [...]

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Rebecca McGhee, Scotland – IBE Golden Light Award Winner 2019

Living with Epilepsy Rebecca McGhee I'm not going to lie, I'm not happy about having epilepsy. I can't drive or stay up too late and I have to get up at 8am to take my tablets and have breakfast (even on the weekend) plus it also makes finding a job a lot harder. But as [...]

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Nina Mago, Uganda – IBE Golden Light Award Winner 2019

My story Nina Mago I cannot say there is much I remember about my early childhood at this point, I was only a child like any other. But one thing I recall my parents often said, “Don’t make her laugh she will fall ill”. As I grew up, I understood that emotions like excitement were [...]

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Mohammad Agus Rahmatulloh, Indonesia – IBE Golden Light Award Winner 2019

Hello my name is Mohammad Agus Rohmatulloh. I have epilepsy, I have a physical disability and I have difficulty in speaking, but this has not stopped me from advocating for a better understanding of epilepsy in families, in communities and beyond. My parents describe me as a happy and healthy baby but then at the [...]

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Emma Lovise Larsen, Norway – IBE Golden Light Award Winner 2019

Who am I We all have a choice in how we tell our own story. You can tell it like they do in novels or romantic flicks, where everything is so dramatic or just very superficial. However, we all know that those movies are hardly ever the truth. And no matter what challenge life gives [...]

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Elizabeth Dueweke, USA – IBE Golden Light Award Winner 2019

Searching for the Right Story By Elizabeth B. Dueweke At 18, my future felt certain. I was going to study at Smith College and become a journalist. I loved to meet people and tell their stories. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I was ready to take on my dreams. My plans for my [...]

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Amirsoheil Pirayeshfar, Iran – IBE Golden Light Award Winner 2019

Amirsoheyl Pirayeshfar Amirsoheyl Pirayeshfar has had a very successful career in the field of polymer science specialising in nano biotechnology. Perhaps it is not too surprising that Amirsoheyl chose this profession as his father was a chemistry professor and his mother was a senior nursing supervisor in a children’s hospital. Amirsoheyl is grateful for the [...]

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