The Swaziland Epilepsy Organization has reported to us that a Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist from the United Kingdom has offered Swaziland three EEG machines free of charge as well as TeleEEG
reporting over the internet.

The consultant, Dr Steve Coates, has set up EEG equipment and trained staff in Myanmar, India, Nepal, Laos and the United Kingdom. He made the offer after learning of Swaziland’s lack of these services. He will arrive, with the EEG machine and his assistant, in Swaziland on July 3, 2016 for one week.

The Swaziland Epilepsy Organization, which enjoys the patronage of HRH Prince Bandzile, has thanked the IBE and ILAE for the support they gave in spreading the message about the lack of EEG machines.

These developments will help in diagnosing Sawzi people with epilepsy in the appropriate