European Union Written Declaration on Epilepsy

A Written Declaration on Epilepsy has been submitted to the European Parliament by the recently created European Advocates for Epilepsy Group within the European Parliament on behalf of the International Bureau for Epilepsy and the International League Against Epilepsy.

The Written Declaration was submitted by Mr Gay Mitchell MEP, President of the European Advocates for Epilepsy Group, and co-signed by four other MEPs: Mr Nirj Deva (UK), Mrs Marian Harkin (Ireland), Mr Peter Skinner (UK) and Mrs Angelika Werthmann (Austria) representing the five different parties in European Parliament.

We now have until 15th September to encourage a minimum of 369 MEPs to sign the declaration in order to have it adopted. And this is where we need your help.

Written declarations are printed, translated and posted in a register. The register is public and is kept outside the entrance to the Chambers in Strasbourg and Brussels during plenary sessions. Declarations are also published on Parliament’s website.

The Written Declaration on Epilepsy will be ready for signing ahead of the May plenary session in Strasbourg. Thereafter MEPs will be able to sign it during the plenary sessions in Strasbourg in June, July and September and during the June mini session in Brussels. The dates of these sessions, which are the only times during which MEPs may sign, are as follows:

  • Strasbourg: 9th – 12th Ma